M770EL Stepper

Features of the product

1. Design taking safety into consideration

  • Safe design so that the joints at the front and rear cannot protrude from the equipment.

2. Ergonomic design and maximization of exercising effects

  • Placement of the dashboard, operating buttons and reading desk in consideration of the figure, posture, exercising habits, visual field, etc. of the exerciser.
  • Implementation of the positions for foothold and handlebar irrespective of gender, age and figure.
  • Safe even when exercising for a long time owing to the compensation of the foothold angle.

3. Scientific exercise program

  • Various built-in exercise programs.
  • Target-oriented built-in exercise programs.
  • Built-in exercise programs linked to the heart rate with which the strength of exercise is being regulated automatically.

4. Independent electric power method

  • Easy to install and move by using independent electric power method making external power supply unnecessary.

5. Others

  • Easy to measure the number of Heart rate by installing the Heart rate sensors on both sides of the fixed handle and moving handle.
  • Extensive range of strength exercises are possible through the itemized loads with 1~25 steps.
  • Convenient interactive operation method
  • Switch built into the lamp, reading desk, Shelf, moving wheels

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