If you are looking at financing gym equipment there are a number of options which Motus Australia has available to you. Exactly which option is the most suitable will depend on your personal and business circumstances. Please feel free to call Brian Fraser on 1300 856 254 to discuss your options in more detail.

In summary we have two main options. Firstly GoGetta Equipment Finance and its Rent Grow Own flexible finance option with a minimum commitment period of 12 months. Read more about GoGetta Financing Below.

Additionally we can also offer a range of traditional finance options at competitive rates.

GoGetta Financing Option.

At GoGetta we know the fitness industry is highly competitive with many gyms and personal training studios vying for memberships. We understand having the right mix of the latest commercial fitness equipment at peak times is essential. As technology evolves, so does fitness equipment, making it a challenge to constantly maintain an up-to-date floor to win new memberships.

This is where equipment funding with GoGetta can help. No need to wait until you have sufficient funds to get the latest range of commercial gym equipment you can have it now with GoGetta’s Rent.Grow.Own.® Solution. At GoGetta, we believe limited cash shouldn’t get in the way of being your own boss or expanding your fitness business.


GoGetta’s Rent.Grow.Own. Solution allows you to have top of the range equipment quickly without the large upfront cost. Affordable weekly payments take the pressure off your bottom line and Rent.Grow.Own. Gives you the flexibility to buy the equipment within the first 12 months. Unlike banks, GoGetta offers a financing solution tailored to the fitness industry.

How does it work?

GoGetta offers business owners a simple 12-month agreement, so you have the flexibility to:

  • buy the equipment at any time during the first 12 months and receive a 75% rental rebate
  • return the equipment at the end of the 12-month agreement
  • continue renting and we’ll continue to reduce the purchase price; or
  • switch to go.Own.plus after the first 12 months, a rent-to-own agreement which reduces your weekly payment by up to 30%, helping you to own the equipment at the end of the term

GoGetta makes good business sense

  • funds the latest range of fitness equipment
  • flexibility to expand or diversify your business
  • low security rental bond – only 4 weeks
  • try before you buy
  • 12-month agreement– don’t get locked into a long-term lease
  • renting is an ‘off balance sheet’ form of funding, which means it doesn’t affect your capacity to borrow for future expansion
  • rental payments are fully tax-deductible

At GoGetta we offer flexible and affordable funding options to aspiring gym owners and personal trainers who want to go out on their own or fitness business owners who wish to expand.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to rent-to-own the latest commercial gym equipment!